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April 9, 2012

This Friday was an exciting day for me, one more co-worker came all the way from Moldova to California.

Her name is Maia and she's an awesome themer that works with me for Propeople. We used to hang out often in Moldova and we get along well - that's why I was very happy about her arrival.

So these days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, were days when we did our best to get Maia to know California, and we went to bunch of places that we didn't see ourselves. 3 guys and 2 girls - the Propeople crew.

So far we've been to the Castro street in Mountain View, went all the way down to Santa Cruz and walked on the boardwalk where we took a ride on a roller coaster, ate seafood at the pier with an awesome ocean view, went to Monterey and walk around its streets, been to San Francisco at night and had some drinks at the Starlight Room (a place on the top of a skyscraper - 21st floor I think). The ride was a pretty long one on Saturday, but the classic radio stations made it perfect.

And today (Sunday) we've visited lots of other places in San Francisco - Coit Tower, Embarcadero with its awesome piers, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco's famous cable train ride and a couple more places. It was a wonderful weekend, almost a 1 week-vacation condensed in 2 days (and Friday night).

Still, we have lots of places to visit and stuff to see (like the up coming Radiohead concert - oh yeah). I must say I like this place more and more.



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