Drupal 8/9 Image Effects

We know how to use Image Effects as predefined presets to create derivative images in Drupal 8/9 - but did you know that you can re-use the same plugins to create images on-demand, in a dynamic fashion? That’s what this article is about!

  —  11 min read

Gatsby.JS on Circle.CI + Netlify

If you want to get around Netlify's initial limitations (and not to be billed accidentally, once you surpass it) - you could use CircleCI for the build process ⚙ and then deploy to Netlify ☁

  —  6 min read

Drupal Redirects in Gatsby.JS

If you’re running Drupal + Gatsby.JS website, you’ll inevitably change the URLs of some of these articles (i.e. by changing the title) → and this will change the slug (URL) → and this will cause 404s (i.e. break all Social Media posts, etc). There’s a way to fix it.

  —  6 min read

Gatsby.JS Live Previews with Drupal

If you have a decoupled Gatsby + Drupal site, then you’re probably annoyed waiting for 5-10 minutes for the build to finish - to see how your CMS changes landed on the actual website. There’s a better way - Gatsby Previews (took me a while to look into it).

  —  7 min read

Startup & Small Business Tools 2020/2021

While participating as a mentor for a small startup event, I realized that many people weren’t aware of some of the amazing tools you can use for your startup or small business. So I decided to share these ?

  —  11 min read

Games for IT roles

Let’s talk about Games - I mean, Computer Games. In pandemic times, when any type of travel is a remote dream - we fallback to games. I'd like to recommend some games to you, depending on your role in an IT company.

  —  11 min read

Remote Work, Unpredictable Ways

Haven’t written anything since 2015, a lot has happened since then: I’ve found my love and got married, lived a digital nomad life-style, tried various projects and startups, switched jobs, relocated and settled down in a new country - to name a few. In this post I’ll cover some of these points - but I’ll mainly focus on what it meant to work remotely and how the 2020 pandemic changed this (for the good, and for the bad).

  —  11 min read