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Drupal 8/9 Image Effects

We know how to use Image Effects as predefined presets to create derivative images in Drupal 8/9 - but did you know that you can re-use the same plugins to create images on-demand, in a dynamic fashion? That’s what this article is about!

  —  11 min read

Drupal Redirects in Gatsby.JS

If you’re running Drupal + Gatsby.JS website, you’ll inevitably change the URLs of some of these articles (i.e. by changing the title) → and this will change the slug (URL) → and this will cause 404s (i.e. break all Social Media posts, etc). There’s a way to fix it.

  —  6 min read

Gatsby.JS Live Previews with Drupal

If you have a decoupled Gatsby + Drupal site, then you’re probably annoyed waiting for 5-10 minutes for the build to finish - to see how your CMS changes landed on the actual website. There’s a better way - Gatsby Previews (took me a while to look into it).

  —  7 min read

Moldcamp 2015 - Session Submissions!

Outdated post - content might not be relevant...

If you haven't heard yet, we've announced earlier that Moldcamp 2015 is on it's way! Second edition of the Drupal Camp hosted by a small country in the Eastern Europe - Moldova.

  —  2 min read

Moldcamp - only 10 days left

Outdated post - content might not be relevant...

Alright! We are getting closer and closer the our long-waited event - Moldcamp. What is Moldcamp? Well, it our very first DrupalCamp held in Moldova. We've worked your butts off to make it as nice as we can. Let's see some stats, details, sessions, etc.

  —  4 min read