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Working Remotely? Consider Valencia, Spain.

Due to recent events (Russia starting a war in Ukraine), many of our friends from Moldova and Ukraine are asking us various questions about Valencia and Spain, why we have decided to live here, what are our expenses, what is our life like, etc. I decided to write up an article that covers these topics - might be useful for others as well. If you’re a Ukrainian IT professional analyzing where to settle within the EU - consider strolling through this article.

  —  16 min read

Remote Work, Unpredictable Ways

Haven’t written anything since 2015, a lot has happened since then: I’ve found my love and got married, lived a digital nomad life-style, tried various projects and startups, switched jobs, relocated and settled down in a new country - to name a few. In this post I’ll cover some of these points - but I’ll mainly focus on what it meant to work remotely and how the 2020 pandemic changed this (for the good, and for the bad).

  —  11 min read