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Remote Work, Unpredictable Ways

Haven’t written anything since 2015, a lot has happened since then: I’ve found my love and got married, lived a digital nomad life-style, tried various projects and startups, switched jobs, relocated and settled down in a new country - to name a few. In this post I’ll cover some of these points - but I’ll mainly focus on what it meant to work remotely and how the 2020 pandemic changed this (for the good, and for the bad).

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More developers come to US

Outdated post - content might not be relevant...

This Friday was an exciting day for me, one more co-worker came all the way from Moldova to California. Her name is Maia and she's an awesome themer that works with me for <a href="http://wearepropeople.dk">Propeople</a>. We used to hang out often in Moldova and we get along well - that's why I was very happy about her arrival.

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