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May 17, 2012

Recently I've returned home (Moldova) all the way from California.

I've been in California for a business trip for a little more than 2 months. It was an awesome experience, not only in terms of work, but overall life-experience. I was on the same good-old Stanford GSB Project @ Propeople. As I've already worked on this project earlier, I knew all the people involved in it, all the technical details and all the business details - which made it comfortable place to work at. Another cool thing is that I already knew most of the Bay Area - which made my stay much more pleasant than previous one.

This time we had our own apartment, my own room and our car that we used to explore the Bay Area in details. I've seen much more places than previous times, I've even visited concerts of such bands as Radiohead and the Black Keys :) Overall, this stay was much more pleasant and less stressful than previous one.

But coming home from one of the most wealthiest regions in the world (Silicon Valley), still, feels so good! We have few, but so awesome people here! For me, this is the most important thing ever. Other than that, I've been greeted home by my 3 screens, 5.1 sound system and cheap super high speed internet connection - forget all the 360p/480p youtube streaming videos, it's time for instant 720p and 1080p videos, and it feels so good :)

More than that, there were a bunch of IT events such as: ICT Summit, Hackathons, Drupal Meetups, Drupal Sessions - you name it. Some of these events were promoted and sponsored by our Government (Prime Minister) - which is a good sign for IT industry in our little country.

Lots of parties, friends, professional networking events, educational events, projects, cheap and good stuff (like internet ;D), comfort, more friends and more beer and much much more of positive mood and expectations - that's what I got back.

This country has lots and lots of issues and lots of positive things as well. We are the ones who have to solve all of the negative stuff or at least minimize those for the future generations.

I don't know, I'm very positive about all the stuff that's happening here and I wanna do my best to contribute :)



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