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Remote Work, Unpredictable Ways

Haven’t written anything since 2015, a lot has happened since then: I’ve found my love and got married, lived a digital nomad life-style, tried various projects and startups, switched jobs, relocated and settled down in a new country - to name a few. In this post I’ll cover some of these points - but I’ll mainly focus on what it meant to work remotely and how the 2020 pandemic changed this (for the good, and for the bad).

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Moldcamp - only 10 days left

Outdated post - content might not be relevant...

Alright! We are getting closer and closer the our long-waited event - Moldcamp. What is Moldcamp? Well, it our very first DrupalCamp held in Moldova. We've worked your butts off to make it as nice as we can. Let's see some stats, details, sessions, etc.

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Back to Moldova

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Recently I've returned back home - to Moldova, all the way from California. I've been in California as a business trip for a little more than 2 months. It was an awesome experience, not only in terms of work, but overall life-experience.

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Propeople future

Outdated post - content might not be relevant...

I just want to share my expectations and my excitement regarding the company that I work for - Propeople. UPD: Now it's called FFW.

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