One overclocked week

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This is an OLD POST...
September 30, 2012

This is just an intro into one of the crazy weeks I had this year.

I just want to log this one, even for myself, so that I will compare other crazy weeks to this one. So, here we go.

This article will be about an epic week which started on Monday 10th of September and ended on 15th September.Overall I was working on one of the most important projects for Propeople, where we had a small preview-deadline on that Wednesday night. We were working hard on the project, mostly senior developers, but our deliverables were in a tight schedule and because of the importance of the project, we were doing everything the right way (the Drupal way), no hardcodings and hack-approaches. I must say I've learned a lot about working with Field API, Views Handlers and Ctools. Because of the tight schedule, most of the evenings were actually working evenings, not only for me, but for my mates as well. Some evenings we've worked up until 23:00 or even 1:00 at night.

On the other hand, that Friday, we were organizing Drupal Global Training Day, here in Moldova. Almost a month before the event I came up with the initiative which was welcomed by the company and together with my workmates we started to put this event together. Everyone seemed to be excited, we gathered 3 speakers that had to talk to a huge audience about our favorite CMS/Framework - Drupal. As one of the requirements that had - was a registration site where people would register for the event. And that was my headache as well, as this small website had to be built in my spare time and the event was getting closer and closer (just like the preview deadline). There were also lots of other details, posters, emails, event groups, social media, etc. - because we worked together, everything went pretty smooth.

And on the other hand (wait, 3 hands? makes sense), I had to be one of the speakers at the DrupalCamp Kyiv 2012: Drupal Services and the tasty backbone.js. I thought this won't be that hard, as I had my services presentation ready from my previous session (held at Propeople Moldova office), but I had nothing about backbone there, and I also had to make a couple of changes. And guess what, because of 2 previous things, I basically had no time for that. More than that, my session at the camp, was exactly at the same day as Drupal Global Training Day.

So Wednesday came. I made a small setup for my demos for DrupalCamp and I had to finish a couple of things for the project preview. I stayed up until last minute in the office and then ran home to get my things ready for the Kyiv trip. I ate, bought 2 bottles of wine for my friends from the Kyiv Hostel (Magic Bus), got my bag ready - everything in 40 min. When I arrived to Kyiv in the morning I still had some time to fix a small bug, from my Hostel. After 5-6 hours of crazy-pace work I figured out that was an internal Ctools bug (not easy to fix) but still found a workaround and we were ready for the preview.

When Friday came, everything had to happen, all those 3 things in one single day. 

My session was 1st to happen, I had little time during other sessions to change/complete my presentation. This was a funny thing, as by default backbone.js module for drupal was broken and I had to debug it and fix it. I've finished everything 10 minutes before my session started - which was a relieve. Session went pretty nice, people liked RESTful services and backbone.js module users moved from 22 to 32 after 2 weeks of my session (hopefully I contributed :D ). My colleagues had their sessions next day and they were pretty awesome as well. Everyone seemed to be engaged and friendly.

Preview of the project went pretty good as well, we had a positive feedback so Yeay!

And the Drupal Global Training Day gathered around 200+ registered attendees and around 120 people showed up at the event - which means that it went really, Really good.

Photos from the Training day and an email from my mates regarding the preview were 2 things that made my weekend that week.

Also it was really nice to meet workmates from Propeople Ukraine office - they are really awesome guys, hope I'll see them again soon.

There, that's one of my craziest weeks of this year, I'll come back at this post when I'll have other crazy weeks to feel better.


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