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May 4, 2012

I just want to share my expectations and my excitement regarding the company that I work for - Propeople.

I probably should tell you a couple of things about Propeople. We are a company that develops website / web applications of a medium and large scale to some of the top companies/clients around the world. Right now we have offices in 7 countries (Moldova, USA, Denmark, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria) and over 150+ people working for the company - now you can grasp the scale of Propeople. We are using lots of different tools to build products, but right now most important platform we are using is Drupal (what got me in the company in 1st place).

An important thing to understand (and I'm really happy about it) is that Propeople doesn't work according to simple Outsourcing principle - we are working as one big company that happens to be separated between different countries / continents. We communicate between offices via skype chats / video calls, emails, other project management tools. We share projects between offices, we share tasks. Some offices are binded together really tight (I.e. Moldova / USA) - and work as front office / back office - but still, it's one company, with departments placed in different locations. If we need an architect on-site in US to sketch a project or have an important client meeting - one would simply come to US.

And right now, it gets even more interesting as the company starts growing in size and quality (becoming more professional). Company spirit is in the building process, interactive bridges between offices are being raised, company gets an active involvement in the Drupal's community (local and global communities, in all of the offices) and tries to contribute to its growth (and it's important to have it as a goal) - overall, if we keep it this way, I think there's a big bright future for the company.

Personally, I find it awesome that once I shared my vision of Propeople's feature with some of my colleagues, things started to change, and not on the small scale. That means that company is dynamic and responsive to ideas and visions and translates those into internal projects that bump things up. I like it because anyone with good intentions can influence stuff within the company - and that will workout for the best for all parties and keep everyone happy.

I'm happy with current company's status and where we're going, we still have a lot of work to do, but together, with a tight collaboration between departments and an overall understanding of things - I think there's a great future :)


Feel free to ask any question / or share any suggestion!