Drupal Moldova Association

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This is an OLD POST...
May 26, 2013

For the past two months or so, we were working hard to create a non-profit organization that will be responsible for lots of Drupal-related local things, such as: events, trainings, workshops, showcases, partnerships, local drupalcamp, etc.

We are still in the process, but we are ready to announce the launch of Drupal Moldova Association. There are a lot of things to be done, such as our website and internal organization structure, but we are working hard to make it happen.

We have an office, we have a team, we have tons of people working with Drupal and contributing to the community, we have tons of local companies working with Drupal, we have local meet-ups and a lot of people eager to learn Drupal.

We've created a small infographic about Drupal Evolution / Roadmap in Moldova (high quality here).

And we have a sketch of the things that Drupal Moldova Association will be responsible for (high quality here):

Enjoy and come to the Opening Event.


Feel free to ask any question / or share any suggestion!